Move Over MySpace: Online Social Networking … With a Purpose

A few months into its mainstream release, Christopher Taylor’s solo album Remains to Be Seen from Organically Grown Music is being hailed by critics as intense, funky, reflective, and even a bit raucous. The unique folk/new age album makes its international debut this coming week at MIDEM 2009, represented by Suzanne Doucet of Only New Age Music, Inc.

Blues & Folk influences resonate in Christopher Taylor’s album, Remains to Be Seen (Organically Grown Music)

“There are only a few New Age Vocalists and most of them are mostly Celtic, Gregorian or Mantra chants. Christopher Taylor is an exception. His lyrics are intelligent, encouraging and engaging. Christopher Taylor’s songs on his new thought album Remains to Be Seen are inspiring for anyone who is on a spiritual path and/or experiences personal growth and transformation, and who enjoys the folk sound,” Doucet says, adding, “His lyrics are very personal and tell his own story, on the other hand they are universal and ring true to the heart. His music is a beautiful blend of soft rock, folk and new age, which will be well-suited for certain international audiences.”
Millions of people worldwide have turned to large online social networks to, well, socialize, or to basically keep up-to-date on the latest trends in time wasting. With the success of the monolithic and others, new social format sites are entering the market, among the latest is

Most social networks are set up with the purpose of bringing together throngs of people to bombard them with advertisements. As Life Coach Devlyn Steele states, “These sites have no real purpose. They are only gathering points that ultimately leave the members to figure out what to do.” Nevertheless, with all cynicism aside, these social networks are booming because they offer their members diverting activities to occupy their time.

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