Digital Tuning, Inc. Releases Rtek7™ Stage 2 ECU Upgrade for Second Generation Mazda RX-7

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Digital Tuning, Inc., an industry leader in Palm OS based automotive datalogging systems, is proud to announce the release of the Rtek7™ Stage 2 ECU Upgrade for 2nd Gen RX-7. Building off the stock ECU platform and our Stage 1 upgrades, the Rtek7 Stage 2 ECU Upgrade provides a flexible and very economical engine management system.

“We found there was a gap in the market when it came to engine management.” says Mike Montalvo, CEO of Digital Tuning. “There was no upgrade path between $299 fuel controllers and full $1000 stand-alone ECUs. We have bridged that gap with the Rtek7. It provides full fuel and timing adjustability as well as datalogging at a very reasonable price point and without the installation and programming difficulty of a full stand-alone ECU.”

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