SiennaBlu Strikes Note of Patriotism with ‘The Red, White and Blue’

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 21, 2004 – A world-famous music venue and Los Angeles landmark for 82 years, the Hollywood Bowl will be reopening in 2004 with a brand new stage and shell. To celebrate this next phase of Hollywood Bowl history, Global Branding Group announces the launch of, a unique online store offering collectible memorabilia created out of the old Hollywood Bowl shell and stage floor.

The old shell was dismantled in late 2003 to make way for a new shell that retains the famous design but allows for better acoustics and incorporation of modern technology. The most well-known of the shells that have served as the Hollywood Bowl’s stage, the previous shell was built in 1929 and is recognized for its concentric rings as well as the large spheres that hung from the ceiling.
Are local rockers ‘rewriting the Star Spangled Banner? Not hardly, but the original rock group SiennaBlu is trying to send a message to Americans with a simple answer to a complex question. Is there something worth more than life itself? — The answer — freedom, of course…the song…The Red, White and Blue”.

Lets face it; American freedom has come at a price that unfortunately, many tend to forget. From the wars of our past to the ever present War on Terror, Americans have more than enough ‘reminders to live each and every second just to give thanks for the next. But, do we?

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