nParallel Develops New Tradeshow Display for The ADS Group

47% of all marriages involving Jewish persons are interfaith marriages. Is this a blessing or a serious problem? Well, whichever view we take on this issue, the truth is — there is many Jewish singles out there who would very much like to meet a like-minded Jewish soul, but since Jewish matchmaking is not an option for them, they just don’t know how.

Up until recently Jewish singles were almost completely dependent on Jewish matchmaking services, which in all honesty, tend to serve best only certain group of people. In Orthodox circles, if you are over 25 years old, you are already “way over the hill” and most of matchmakers will refuse even consider setting you up.
nParallel, the international brand communication, merchandising strategy and display agency, announced that it has designed and manufactured a new custom tradeshow display for The ADS Group, a market leader in optical and magnetic media solutions.

“We evaluated three agencies, including nParallel. The other agencies each offered us only one design, and their ideas were conservative,” said Sandra Couet, marketing manager, The ADS Group. “nParallel presented multiple creative concepts and design alternatives. Their creative department is outstanding, and their design expresses the leading-edge essence of our brand and makes us stand out above the rest at the shows where we exhibit.”

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