Female Singer Songwriter To Pioneer Ad-Supported Live Music Videos Over Broadband In The UK

Actress-turned rocker Juliette Lewis talks to Music Matters Jen Hilbert about life in a band, winning over her critics, and what inspired her to go from movie star to rock star in the first place.

Lewis band, named Juliette & The Licks, is promoting their new release Speaking My Language. Garnering comparisons to Iggy & The Stooges, Chrissie Hynde, Patti Smith, and Blondie, The Licks took their maiden touring voyage on last years Warped Tour.

Lewis recognizes that the typical self aggrandizing record store clerks and music junkie types” will be tough on an actress-turned singer but a few lame comparisons to David Hasselhoff do not seem to bother her. Instead she sees her celebrity status as a double-edged sword.” Lewis says it is a small price to pay for the huge amount of positive press the band gets from her movie fame.
Chi-chi Ekweozor, the singer songwriter from Manchester behind the 3 Minute Gig, Europe’s first live music video podcast, is now poised to pioneer ad-supported broadband video in the UK. The 3 Minute Gig showcases new and emerging British bands live in concert in various live music venues around Manchester. Ekweozor, 27, is set to make UK advertising history when she adds a 15 second advert to the end of the next 3 Minute Gig video.

The 3 Minute Gig is created by editing live concert footage of new and emerging British bands into 3 minutes. It is free to viewers and subscribers and is available as a video podcast and as a streaming video from www.realfresh.tv. In the two months that the 3 Minute Gig has been available, the Real Fresh TV website has:

received over 120,000 hits

served over 130GB of video

achieved a hit rate of over 1500 unique hits a day

The 3 Minute Gig is also available in formats suitable for playback on Apple’s iPod, Sony’s PlayStation Portable, 3G mobile phones, PDAs and smartphones and is distributed on file-sharing networks using BitTorrent technology.

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