Consulting Firm Spreads The Good Word About Activity-Based Costing

After a year of incredible growth, a scrapbooking industry leader known for its friendly customer service and unbeatable scrapbook kits has just made its web site a little friendlier. Kit n Kaboodles, one of the fastest growing monthly scrapbook kit clubs, provides the latest products in the industry to scrapbookers in the form of perfectly coordinating kits, and they have just unveiled a brand new web design that surpasses all expectations!

Providing the personal customer service that Kit n Kaboodles customers enjoy is no small task. The club has grown from a few hundred to a few thousand members in just over a year, taking part in an industry that brings in $2.55 billion a year according to a recent survey. The sites rank is also quickly advancing on the Scrapbook Top 50 chart, which ranks the top scrapbook sites based upon number of visitors. On an average day, receives well over 16,000 visitors.

The thousands of monthly hits to the web site reflect some very satisfied customers. Mary Brashear, a loyal Kit n Kaboodles customer, cites the website change as, Just another wonderful example of great management and striving to make the customer community happy.”
Dallas strategic management consulting firm RWSMC keeps spreading the good word about activity-based costing (or ABC). The firm recently made a presentation on ABC at the Moldmaking 2005 Expo in Chicago. Robert Kinsler and Robert Scroggins are the ABC consultants for the firm.

Kinsler says, Of all the management tools out there, ABC is the one we see that provides the most benefits for the cost. It is a common sense way of determining the cost of the activities conducted by businesses and other organizations in fulfilling their missions and objectives. The activity analysis that is at the heart of ABC results in the calculation of the real cost of providing products or services and provides a better understanding of an organization. This opens the door to a variety of additional benefits, including realistic pricing, better budgeting, more accurate estimates, the analysis of customers, product lines, and sales areas, business improvement, and business reengineering. The list of benefits goes on and on. Many businesses can implement ABC in-house with some training or after working on a pilot project with an ABC consultant.”

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