New Motivational Posters Unlock the Key to Peak Performance and Inspiration

Broadcasting live on Thursday, March 22 at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific), Vianna Stibal, renowned intuitive healer, naturopath, lecturer, and author will be interviewed by host, Deborah Lallier, on her internet talk radio show “Creative Pathways: Balancing for Wholeness ” on the 7th Wave Network.(

Vianna Stibal, who after discovering a way to heal her body from cancer in 1995, pioneered and refined a method of intuitive spiritual healing referred to as ThetaHealing™. Using a theta/gamma wave brain state, the practitioners of Theta Healing connect with the healing energies of the universe, entering a prayer mode of communication with the Creator and command the mind-body into a state of health. She has successfully worked with such medical challenges as Hepititus C, Epstein-Barr, AIDS, herpes, tumors, various types of cancers, and many other conditions, diseases and genetic defects. ThetaHealing™ and Intuitive Anatomy classes are taught worldwide.

On “Creative Pathways: Balancing for Wholeness,” Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Spiritual Director, and host Deborah Lallier talks with notable authorities in the field of energy therapies to explore the mind-body-spirit connection. Listeners develop the practical, self-empowering skills and strategies to lead a balanced and peace-filled life. Deborah Lallier interviews Vianna Stibal about intuitive spiritual healing and the principles espoused in her recent book, “ThetaHealing” a synthesis of her previous books, “Go Up and Seek God,” and “Go Up and Work with God.””
The Internet Art Group (, a leading online gallery of motivational posters is proud to announce its newest release of peak performance art prints just in time for the holidays.

Inspirational prints are not a new idea. Hundreds of years ago women would needlepoint messages with pictures, sometimes religious, sometimes a family crest with a motto, sometimes a simple message filled with purpose. These messages are part of the success of our culture.

“Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on those who have made a difference in our lives, and to thank them for what they have done on our behalf,” said Philip Jones, General Manager, “Since we’re in the business of making sure people are recognized, we are thrilled to bring this new product line to the marketplace just in time for the holidays. Our newest posters are perfect gifts and acknowledgements to team members for a job well done.”

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